Nelson and Whetzal Weddings at Black Hills Receptions & Rentals

11391091_953132701376799_347559303051648192_n11390024_953132998043436_131876935821076542_nWe had another fun and beautiful weekend at Black Hills Receptions. The weather was perfect and we had the privilege of celebrating with two couples coming together in marriage. First we were seeing black, white and blue violet with Larissa and Nick Martin. The blue violet made everything pop and offset the elegance of the black and white very well. Kelly looked like a princess in her ball gown style wedding dress while the bridesmaids dazzled in black lace one shoulder dresses. The guys looked snazzy as well in their blue violet vests with shoes to match. They exchanged vows at our beautiful Swan Point and the nature background could not have been more perfect. Everyone enjoyed relaxing in the sun on our new patio and dancing the night away.

On Sunday we had one of the more unique weddings that we have seen here. Kelly and Chris Burke put so many details in the decorations and made them all come together perfectly. They had a Star Wars cake topper (complete with red lipstick on 11391520_953572037999532_6787213587738043439_nthe lady Storm Trooper) accompanied by many delicious flavors of cupcakes provided by Star Spangled Batter. The band was a cardboard cutout of KISS and they kept people dancing well into the night. The tables were decorated with yellow table runners with lace over the top and our spheres decorated with angel vines. Kelly provided colorful votive holders and lanterns to put candles in which made the tables bright and beautiful.

They had many touches that made this wedding very personal. The frog and bird pins in the boutonnieres had belonged to her grandmother as well as all of the gems that were in the bride’s bouquet. Herb, the minister that performed the ceremony was also the same minister that had married her grandparents in the 60’s! Their three 10426092_953572204666182_8820188610594443414_nkids made up the bridal party and they looked very handsome and beautiful in their wedding attire. Their oldest son even played the violin while Kelly walked down the aisle (he had been practicing a lot for this moment). The aisle was adorned with yellow rose petals stretching from the Cinderella Gazebo all the way to the altar. Everyone enjoyed themselves and was truly happy for the couple.


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