facebook cover Last week we set a Milestone at Black Hills Receptions. We had 5 (that’s right, 5!) weddings in a row.  It was a whirlwind and the staff enjoyed every minute of it. All of our brides were gorgeous and showed their unique styles. Our grooms all showed their fun styles as well as they strayed from the traditional tuxedo. We enjoyed decorating and bringing all of these visions to life.


Brengle Tierney Wedding (347)Weddings started on Wednesday, July 22, 2015 as Teresa & Jesse said their vows in cowboy and cowgirl fashion.  Our reception tent was decorated in burlap, lace, mason jars, and accented with blue decorative rocks and coffee beans.  Ropes were decorated in flowers to drape over the first two chairs for a simple and elegant way to decorate the aisle.  Something new to us was a tiered cake pop cake. It looked like a traditional wedding cake without having to cut individual pieces. This creation was elevated on our glass top table with twinkle lights and lace underneath.  Country music and cowboy hats was the favorite choice for these guests and kept them dancing into the night.


On Thursday Rachel and Brandon added much charm and whimsy with Mack Girard Wedding (33)their pink and mint wedding.  The guys looked great in suspenders and bow ties and the girls were beautiful in their different style mint gowns.  The head table was decorated with giant scrabble pieces that spelled out their newly shared last name as well as lanterns and tissue flowers hanging on the front.  Our mint napkins and the two shades of pink rose petals that Rachel brought was the perfect touch to tie everything together for this fun couple.


Kirby Johnson Wedding (106)Friday was Brooke and Aaron’s big day and they celebrated with a rustic woodsy style.  They had three different centerpieces that all looked great together and matched the peach napkins perfectly. One style of centerpiece was our wood cookie underneath with 3 mason jars on top. The mason jars had river rocks and water with floating candles that glowed an earthy touch. The two other centerpieces were our rustic lanterns and rustic trees both draped in angel vine and adorned with real candles. The bouquets, as well as the flowers lining the aisle, were wild flowers and wheat spray, popped with sunflowers and orange roses. The groomsmen wore checked dress shirts to complete the rustic country theme. For a twist the ring bearer held a sign announcing the bride is coming, walking back down the aisle, the back of his sign said “Don’t worry ladies, I’m still single”.


Next up was our beautiful turquoise wedding with Vanessa and Alex exchanging vows. We had a QuickBear Valesquez Wedding (203)storm pass through about an hour before the ceremony then blue skies and sunshine came back for perfect wedding weather. The tent dazzled in turquoise chair ties, napkins, table runners and beads and our Vanessa dazzled even more in her lace dress. On the menu were some traditional Native American foods that were very delicious and fun to try including fry bread with blueberry wojape. The couple had traveled from afar (as did many of their relatives) and we were thankful they chose to celebrate with us.


Barth Hansen Wedding (67)Sunday completed the week with a very fun wedding. The centerpieces were purple and sapphire balloons later released as the couple left for the night to go on their honeymoon.  Ashley was Cinderella in her sparkly dress and Brandon charmed her in his grey suit and blue bowtie. The purple and blue looked great together and everyone looked good in those colors. The couple did a beautiful foot washing ceremony during the wedding and had written their own vows.  The kiss at the end was one of the best we’ve seen!


Thank you to our fab five for making this a memorable and record setting week, we are thankful for all of you! Welcome to our Black Hills Receptions family.

Barth Hansen Wedding (183)


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