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A Date She Will Never Forget…Make A Valentine’s Day Proposal

How to make her feel as special as she really is!

Okay Gentlemen, Valentine’s Day ( THIS Saturday, February 14th!) is just a few days away and you have already purchased the ring! You are scared to death, but you want to make this a day she will remember and recount to all those she loves for the rest of your lives together! You want her to know just how much she means to you with this proposal and you want to be confident you’ve done it right…RIGHT?!?!LOVE  Scrabble Engagement

Well, here are a few tips and ideas to help you with your planning…some “do’s and don’ts” to give you insight as to how to make this come together in a way that will make her swoon and feel as though she is the only woman on the planet in your eyes!

  1. 1. Proposals…Make it unique and special! Guys, the whole “taking-her-to-dinner” idea is really tired and in today’s world, it just doesn’t have that unique, awe-inspiring factor that you want to convey to the woman of your dreams. Instead, opt for packing a basket or a carry-along with something light and simple but will tell her you went to some effort. In this basket, pack her favorite wine or some nice champagne, her favorite fruit (like strawberries, raspberries etc.), her favorite chocolates, the wine glasses or goblets (of course!) and a blanket. Take her somewhere special to the two of you and make it beautiful and meaningful! OR…hire someone to come in and cook a special meal and serve the two of you via candlelight! Take her out on horseback to your favorite spot…you get the idea!
  2. Anticipation and surprise create part of the magic for a woman…seriously! She loves a man with a plan, but anticipating this moment is something she WANTS to do! DON’T catch her off guard, but DO let her know this is going to be a special occasion and that there is a surprise in store! You can downplay it a little to keep her guessing, but she DOESN’T want to be caught in her sweatpants and t-shirt with her marriage proposal (OK…maybe SOME girls don’t mind, but most of them do!)! wedding ring cookie
  3. The Extra-Mile…a very wonderful place to go! You are asking the most beautiful woman in the world to be your mate, friend, and lover for the REST of your lives together…so don’t skimp on this event, Gentlemen. You want her to be amazed at what you can come up with, so this is your chance to shine! Get down on that knee and make her shed tears of joy! Even if you have discussed marriage, she wants to know that you think she is special enough to make a fool out of yourself! Spend some money on a canoe, or a paddle boat; take her up in a hot air balloon; go for that long bicycle ride, or a hike…whatever you know will make her feel like you have taken the time to think about this and plan it-DO IT!
  4. Document it for her and for posterity! Hire a photographer or a videographer to capture this beautiful moment between the two of you. Get those tears, that shriek, that gasp for air, that first look of realization from her eyes that THIS is IT…you will be oh, so glad you did!

With some of these helpful ideas, you will find yourself with a blushing and beautiful Bride-To-Be, that’s for certain, and let us be the first to tell you: Congratulations!! May you and your lovely lady have a joyous Happily-Ever-After! all because

Let us know at Black Hills Receptions and Rentals how we can help the two of you plan the perfect Wedding. Whether it’s here, at our gorgeous site bordering the magnificent Black Hills National Forest, or helping you set up and create a site of your choosing, our goal is to bring your Wedding Day dream to life! Let Joanne, Trish, and KC help you create that wonderful day with the ease and beauty your Bride deserves! Visit us at or call us today to see what dates are available at 800-929-8885 or locally at 605-342-8888. Arrange to bring your beautiful Bride to our location at 10400 W. Highway 44,   Rapid City, SD 57745.

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Happy Valentine’s Day and Congratulations from Black Hills Receptions and Rentals!