Josh and Charea’s wedding was flocked with birds!


Joshua and Charea celebrated their wedding with us and had a great outdoor theme, birds! Feeding birds off of their balcony is a hobby that they share and they decided to incorporate their hobby into their big day. Once they toured Black Hills Receptions over a year ago and saw all of our bird decorations they knew this was the perfect location for them. Everything came together and it was such a fun personalized wedding and reception.

Charea made all of the decorations, I would still be on my first bird, and did a wonderful job. The branches were painted white with pink tissue paper leaves and had various birds hanging neatly on them. Her variety of birds was a nice touch; some were in birdhouses while others were inside Christmas ornaments (very clever) and others perched on branches swinging inside mason jars. On the table were little birdbaths and birdcages that Charea had also crafted.

IMG_4462Her gift and guest book table were flocked with birds as well. The card box was three boxes perched on top of each other decorated in beautiful, you got it, bird bedazzled IMG_4284wrapping paper and ribbon. There were (of course) birds on the card box looking elegant. Charea had also made a gazebo with a bride and groom dancing in the middle that said, “Please sign our guest book”. Next to the gazebo were pens that said “Mr. and Mrs.” with top hats and roses on the top of them. She also made a piñata for guests to write a message for the couple and on their first anniversary the couple will pop it and read the notes. In the trees in the reception tent Charea wired bride and groom bird couples…Barb and I played I spy with my little eye…and we counted 7 bride and groom couples…and probably missed a few!

Besides the decorations being amazing, the couple themselves looked stunning. IMG_4076Charea had a beautiful dress that she accented with a Hummingbird necklace, arm band and head piece. Her bracelet had a chain of pearls that attached to her ring finger, which was very unique. Joshua looked great in his tuxedo with lime green vest and tie.

We were very excited to have this couple and all their unique touches they brought to IMG_3968Black Hills Receptions. It’s great to see the bride and groom’s personality shine through on such a big and personal day for them. Congratulations to Joshua and Charea! One last note…Charea had a sign in front of her favors…hearts with bird seed and suet that said “This wedding is for the birds”. Loved it ❤


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